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One of the many local beaches Lac Salagou, just north of here - beautiful! A guest at Villa la Siroque, feeling like Princess Grace of Monaco
This page gives you general information about the weather if you're coming to the Languedoc region of the South of France and specifically the Pezenas area.

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The glorious Pezenas Languedoc weather

Languedoc Weather in the Region

If you come here for a holiday, expect a South of France Mediterranean climate. Naturally, all year round we have better weather than northern Europe. The effect is particularly noticeable from the beginning of March onwards, when the garden starts to explode into life!

Pezenas has its own 'micro-climate'

Although the activities I organise are based all over Languedoc, our villas are in the beautiful mediaeval town of Pezenas in the Herault Valley.

You will find that Pezenas has its own micro-climate. Even the France Meteo weather forecasters get it wrong all the time - the weather is almost always better than the forecast!

If you want to see it, their forecast for the next 10 days is here. But remember they're usually wrong - it's normally sunnier and a degree or two warmer than they predict. :)

Carcassonne Weather (and other places west and south, such as Narbonne, Cap d'Agde, Perpignan, etc)

The main difference is the occasional wind. You'll find it can be windier around Carcassonne and in western Languedoc. Also by the coast the wind is naturally stronger. Here in Pezenas we just don't have this problem! :)

SUNSHINE This is what people come here for!

We get over 300 days of sunshine per year and this is something we really notice, even after five years of living down here! We normally wake up each morning - all year round - expecting it to be sunny.
TEMPERATURES The Languedoc is one of the two hottest regions of France.

You can expect summer temperatures to range between 25-32°.

It stays mild most of the year - our 'winter' months are December, January and February, when it can get cold, although it's normally still sunny! In a typical year the temperature can fall to around 2-10° in January and February, then rising as the year goes on. However I'm writing this mid-December and it's currently 17° outside right now!

In the summer we have experienced 40° temperatures, but normally it's around 25-32°. Very pleasant!

And of course if you're thinking of renting one of our villas, they all have pools for you to cool off in!
RAIN We get much less rain than in northern Europe and this is the driest region in France. The great thing is that when we do get rain, it usually only rains for a short time, very hard. We don't often get a day when it rains all day - in fact that's rare. We get some rain on only about 55 days of the year.
WIND All of the South of France gets some wind, of one kind or another. To the east of us, it's the Mistral. To the west of us it's the Tramontane. We seem to be very lucky in this part of Languedoc and don't get winds as bad as other parts of the coast.

Languedoc weather: lovely skies, warm days, and beautiful scenery ...


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Many famous towns and cities are only a short drive from the villas. Carcassonne, Montpellier, Beziers, Nimes, Narbonne, Marseille, and Perpignan are all within easy reach. See my travel and location pages for more details of airports and train stations.


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