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Includes the extras available when renting a French hire boat on the Canal du Midi or in Burgundy
IMPORTANT : This page is for "GOLD" and "SILVER" Range boats ONLY.
There are different options and extras for "PLATINUM" Range boats.
(The "Range" is shown in the top-right of each boat's information box.)
Some extras are already included in the price of "GOLD" boats - see pricing page or notes below.
Intro Prices : Gold and Silver Range Boats General Info : Gold Range General Info : Silver Range

"NAVIGATION RATE" (Hourly Motor Use Rate)

The Navigation Rate is the only compulsory extra cost and is charged by all boat operators here. It applies when you have the motor running and it includes the fuel cost and lock charges. To give you an indication, most of my clients seem to do about 25 hours of actual cruising per week. For the "Gold" and "Silver" boats the rates are :-

Category of boat 1 2 3 4 5 6
Navigation Rate (per hour) € 5.19 € 6.25 € 7.25 € 8.40 € 9.15 € 10.95

You can find the Category of your boat in the main boat pricing table at the bottom.



This service can allow you to forget about the inside and/or outside cleaning of the boat when you return.

You have a choice :-
  1. You can pay for the inside and outside cleaning in advance, when you make your reservation. If you do this, you pay the price in the last column on the right: "Cleaning Cost If Paid In Advance".
  2. Alternatively if you decide you want to clean the boat inside and/or outside yourselves, you must give a deposit. This will be taken if you bring the boat back without having done the cleaning. (To see which category your boat is, please see the pricing tables.)
  3. PLEASE NOTE : Cleaning inside and outside is included in the 'Freedom Pack' below.
Boat category Deposit - housekeeping
interior + exterior
Deposit - housekeeping
interior only
Deposit - housekeeping
exterior only
Cleaning Cost If Paid In Advance
1 € 70 € 40 € 30 € 60
2 € 90 € 50 € 40 € 77
3 € 125 € 80 € 45 € 108
4 € 150 € 95 € 55 € 128
5 € 175 € 110 € 65 € 149
6 € 215 € 140 € 75 € 183


The Damage Waiver option includes :PROPELLER DAMAGE; GUARANTEE of SECURITY DEPOSIT; INTERRUPTION OF YOUR STAY (serious illness, death of a close relative, redundancy of you or even your spouse, or if your home is destroyed); BICYCLE INSURANCE; ACCIDENTAL PHYSICAL INJURY. Terms and conditions apply and can be sent to you.

Category boat 1 2 3 4 5 6
Week € 79 € 89 € 94 € 103 € 115 € 144
Additional day € 7.90 € 8.90 € 10.30 € 11.50 € 11.50 € 14.40


The Freedom Pack includes the hourly navigation (fuel) rate, damage waiver insurance, the fixed end of cruise cleaning (interior and exterior), and one classic rental bike.

The Pack does not include the boat rental and cancellation insurance, however it allows you to pay for many services before your departure at a good rate.

Category boat 1 2 3 4 5 6
Week € 309 € 365 € 428 € 489 € 541 € 652
Additional day € 34 € 40 € 45 € 50 € 55 € 65


4% of the total cost.
Don't forget to look at our Boat Rental Prices Table to see what is already included!
IN € incl. TAX
Rental 12 volt converter
With this converter, connect to the cigarette lighter and charge your low-power devices such as your camera or mobile phone vote (300 watts peak power)
12 volt converter € 10
Holiday barbecue, or table grill
(Table grill is included in the GOLD fleet)

What could be nicer than to end the day cooking with a barbecue or outside grill? Please note: if you rent a barbecue, don't forget your charcoal !
Location barbecue griddle € 10 to 35
Adult bike rental (one adult or child's bike included in the Freedom Pack)
Silver bikes, recommended for short trips, for example to go shopping.
Ideal for following your boat along the towpaths.
Child bike rental (one adult or child's bike is included in the Freedom Pack)
Bicycles for children: Please note, so that our team can provide the most suitable bikes for your kids, we ask you to specify the size and the average weight of each child when booking.
Bike rental € 30 to 50

€ 26
Deckchair Rental (service included in the GOLD fleet)
Want to bask in the sun on the deck of your boat? Rent some deckchairs!
Chilean € 10 per deckchair. (Included in the price of Gold fleet boats.)
Baby Service
It includes a high chair, a bathtub, a baby cot and a safety jacket, plus, in the case of renting a bike, a child seat. This service will be available to make life on board more comfortable for parents and baby. Do not forget to ask at time of booking.
Baby Service FREE wherever it is offered.
Your pet is welcome on board, however, you will be responsible for his conduct. In addition, we ask that you do not use the bedding and dishes for its use. On most bases, a supplement will be required.
Pet From € 15 to € 30
Rental of "Stand Up Paddle"
Followers of new sensations, the stand up paddle is for you!

This is a great new sporting activity - you can start by sitting astride the board and paddling along, then kneeling, then standing up and paddling!
Stand up paddle € 70 per week
Deposit of € 500
TV and antenna rental (service included in the GOLD fleet)
In many bases, we suggest you rent a TV and an antenna for your cruise. Please note: the good reception of the signal can not be guaranteed everywhere.
TV and antenna € 60 per week
Deposit of € 400
WIFI - USB 3G rent
Rent a 3G stick and stay connected during your cruise
Key 3 G € 5 per week plus recharge according to hours used
Parking Arrangements
Free parking of your vehicle will be possible in many bases. Often, a locked but uncovered parking enclosure will be proposed, or in some cases a garage.
Parking - Mostly free for open parking. Some open parking, and all secure and covered parking is between €21 and €120 / week if you want that.
Repatriation of vehicle (1-way cruises)
For one-way cruises, which are sometimes possible at some bases subject to a supplement, it may be possible to have your car delivered to the base at which you will end your cruise. Fees vary according to the route. It is essential to book this service in advance. In some places, shuttle bus, taxi or train can be considered.
Repatriation of vehicle From € 35 to € 150 depending on the routes
Basic Provisions Cart
If traveling by train or plane, or if you do not want to clutter up the car before hitting the road, maybe the Basic Provisions Cart could be the answer.
Contents: Pepper, salt, 1 kg of sugar, 1 pot mustard, 1 liter of oil, vinegar, 500g butter, 1 fresh bread, 6 bottles of water, 1 packet of tea, 1 packet of 250g of coffee and filters, 1 liter of milk, 1 jar of jam, 6 croissants, 4 yogurts, 1 lettuce, 1 kg of pasta, assorted fresh fruits (1 kg), 12 eggs, 4 rolls of toilet paper and a local product.
FPP Cart € 70
Kitchen kit rental (service included in the GOLD fleet)
To avoid cluttering up your luggage, we can rent you a kit of 3 kitchen towels and dish cloths.
Kitchen clothes € 2 / kit. Included in the price of Gold fleet boats.
Towel Rental
This consists of two hand-towels and one bath-towel per person.
Towel set € 6 / person. Included in the price of Gold fleet boats.
Hotel service (service included in the GOLD fleet)
If you choose the hotel service, when you get on board your beds are already made and the towels and the cleaning kit will be available in the boat.
Hotel service € 10 / person. Included in the price of Gold fleet boats.
Green cleaning kit (service included in the GOLD fleet)
We can offer a kit of environmentally friendly cleaning products at most bases. It contains detergent, toilet paper, 3 trash bags, 2 sponges, 2 mini bars of soap and one matchbox.
Green cleaning kit € 8.90 / kit. Included in the price of Gold fleet boats.
Concierge service (service included in the GOLD fleet)
A trilingual speaker can be at your service from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 12pm and from 14h to 17h. This service can monitor your file, you can book transfers from the airport or the base by taxi, but also visits to museums, restaurants, and they can even manage your special requests (champagne delivery ...)
Concierge Service Specific requirements on request. Included in the price of Gold fleet boats.
Waterway Guide Book
You will find in these guides a detailed map of your cruise (locks, tunnels, ports, water points ...) and also the various tourist attractions of cities and villages along the way: an essential tool for planning your cruise! (Please note that the canal guide will be placed on the boat)
Navigation Guide € 22
Rental fishing rod
Rental rod and card purchase fishing: Notice to anglers, we provide you with a fishing rod and a new line of low, ideal for catching small fry! We remind you that fishing permit is generally required for fishing in the public domain. Some bases can sell this. Otherwise, you will be shown the nearest place where you get it. You can also buy directly online via the website
Fishing € 8
Fishing Chart (Available from some bases)
  About € 30
Photo album, video editing
Give us your holiday memories, we create or video editing your cruise album
Photo album, video editing On request
Look good! Embroidered polo shirt
On request, we can deliver you on board the captain's cap and t-shirts or polos embroidered with the names of the passengers
Keeping crew € 21
Simple embroidered cap € 10
Embroidered logo On request


Please note: Some prices are subject to fluctuation. You will be advised by the boat operator at the time of booking.

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